Full Day Kindergaten

Full Day Kindergarten

We offer full day kindergarten because we believe that it leads to higher academic achievement and it reduces achievement gaps between students of different economic and racial /ethnic groups. Children are better prepared during their all-day kindergarten experience, the likelihood that they will later have to repeat a grade, receive remedial support or be referred to special education is greatly reduced. 

Full day kindergarten also contributes to increased school readiness. Students in all-day kindergarten deal with the transition to first grade more readily, they better understand appropriate behavior and they have stronger learning skills.

It also improves student attendance. When children are in class more, they spend more time learning which supports literacy development. Our students show faster gains on literacy and language measures, and these gains remain over time. This can be an especially important boost for English Language Learners.

Full day kindergarten also promotes children’s social and emotional development. More time in a structured environment helps children learn appropriate behaviors and develop stronger social and emotional skills.

With more and more parents needing to work outside the home, our program is in high demand.