Attendance Policy

Voyageur Academy emphasizes the value of regular attendance in enabling students to benefit from the school’s education programs. Michigan law places responsibility on each student to attend school on a daily basis, and on each parent or guardian to send their child to school on a daily basis. More important, however, is the effect of regular and punctual attendance on the student’s scholastic achievement. Not only is each day’s lesson important to the individual student, the student’s participation in class contributes to the education of others. Frequent absences and tardiness, for any reason, are certain to adversely affect the student’s schoolwork. Each student is expected to be in school every day except when illness, injury, or some unfortunate condition beyond the student’s control prevents attendance. 

The Michigan Attorney General issued an opinion cited as 1978 OAG 5414 that states that the compulsory school attendance law recognizes an educational value in regular attendance at school. Based on these considerations, the Attorney General concluded that a school may consider attendance in determining a student’s grade in a course.