Almost all of the information you will need regarding the policies and procedures at Voyageur Academy is outlined in our Parent & Student Handbook. You can access the scholar handbook here.


Attendance Policy

Attendance: Absences may be excused only for illness, or for a verifiable family emergency. These absences can be excused only if a written note from the legal guardian is received in the main office within 48 hours of the scholar’s returns to school. A doctor’s note or other official documentation is required for an absence period of more than 2 consecutive days. Notes from the doctor must come from the doctor on their letterhead. If a scholar is to be out, the parent/guardian should inform the main office before 8:00 a.m. if possible.

Scholars who are absent for all or part of any day may not attend or participate in any extracurricular event or sporting event on that day or night except with written permission of the Principal.

Scholars who are absent for all or part of any day for “cut days”, “senior cut days”, “skip days”, “ditch days”, or any similar events may be denied participation in any extra-curricular event or sporting events such as prom, luncheon, or graduation and/or given multiple detentions.

For make-up work due to absences, scholars are given as many days to turn in work as they were absent. For example, if a scholar were absent for two days, he/she would have to turn in make-up work by the second day after he/she returns. Community Service Hours are not valid if they were completed while classes were in session and/or the school-day hours that scholars are suspended
The Michigan Attorney General issued an opinion cited as 1978 OAG 5414 that states that the compulsory school attendance law recognizes an educational value in regular attendance at school. Based on these considerations, the Attorney General concluded that a school may consider attendance in determining a student’s grade in a course.

Please see the link for a detailed version of the VA Attendance and Truancy Police:

VA Attendance and Truancy Policy


School Dress Code

The dress code is strictly enforced. Warnings are not issued. The dress code is in effect anytime scholars are in the school building or on school-related functions such as field trips. Uniforms must be worn neatly and appropriately at all times.

VA Dress Code 2017-2018