Dress Code

School Dress Code

Uniforms must be worn neatly and appropriately at all times. Girls may choose: navy blue uniform pants, jumpers, skirts or skorts (knee-length) with a Voyageur Academy polo. Boys must wear navy blue pants or slacks and a Voyageur Academy polo. No polo style shirts may be worn unless it has the Voyageur Academy logo on it. Shirts must remain tucked in throughout the entire school day or students will be considered in violation of the uniform policy. No jeans, stretch pants or velvet slacks. Girls must wear a navy blue or black belt if their pants have belt loops, boys must wear a navy blue or black belt at ALL times. (Sagging pants are not tolerated; anyone sagging will be considered out of uniform.) No exotic jewelry is to be worn; no dangling earrings or bulky bracelets. No distracting jewelry or hair accessories of any kind. Sweaters are permitted only if they are dark blue, black or white. NO sweatshirts, hoodies or jackets are to be worn in class unless they have a Voyageur logo.


Shoes must be soft bottomed, gym shoes. Boots are allowed in the winter time. If worn all day, pants must be worn on the outside of the boot. Students can wear colored boots; however, they must change into approved school shoes upon arrival.